About Us

Ohio Based, Locally Owned And Operated

Our seeds come from a company known as Hi-Lo Seed Company. Hi-Lo Seed Company sought out the perfect plot from which to begin producing the highest quality day-neutral (autoflower hemp) seed possible. In early 2019, they landed on the 100-year-old Leary Plant Farm near colonial Edenton, North Carolina. 

Today, they have become one of the largest CBD hemp seed production facilities in North America. Their farm boasts nearly 100 acres, 12 of which are taken up by our greenhouse where our experienced cannabis growers on the cutting edge of autoflower genetics and the Leary Farm family of team members⁠ — some of which have been working this exact land for more than 40 years⁠ — can work under one roof, and for one purpose: to continue growing the hemp industry in a way that will make positive change in the world

We are focused on CBG** for the 2020 season . Production is limited so please book early.

The Best Hemp Seeds At Unbeatable Prices.

Whether you are planning to propagate your own plants or drop seeds directly into your field, high quality seeds are a must.

A 50% down payment is required at the time your order is placed. And we always offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee.