Information & Testing


When growing high CBD  hemp, it is important to begin testing the plant material 3 weeks prior to harvest to ensure that the crop is under 0.3% THC.(to be considered hemp under Federal Law) Periods of extreme hot weather and/or drought can increase THC levels in industrial hemp plants. When growing outdoors we recommend you start testing September 1st, and when using an indoor / greenhouse environment we suggest you begin testing at day 40.

Ohio CBD Seed Company provide a convenient mobile testing to accurately determine a full cannabinoid profile as well as THC  content; while at your grow site.


Through our collaboration with HerbAll Training, we provide consultation and education opportunities to hemp producers on everything from the latest farming techniques to the plant as medicine. We will also assist you in your business model, in determining which strain you want to grow and market.

What is CBG?

“CBG is the third most common cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant at maturity.  CBG is initially the most common cannabinoid, but it is also a precursor molecule for the production of both THC and CBD.  At maturity, CBG levels are typically very low and only a few varieties have a significant amount. It is more often found in hemp varieties than medicinal varieties.  CBG is not as well studied as THC and CBD, although it does show some promising medicinal qualities like anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties.”


Plant Spacing

  • Seeds: When planting by seeds we recommend 48” x 36” spacing – which works out to 3,630 plants per acre. However, if you want a 3-4-foot row between your plants, then you would only need 1815 plants.

*These are only recommendations. You can adjust according to your field and your needs. We can discuss this with you further, if you would like a consultation.

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Estimated Harvest Volume

We typically see 1-2 tons per acre on plant material, including stock and stem. 

***Note this can very substantial based on soil, water, climate and growing technique.

Expected CBD Content

From feminized seeds, the whole plant material is typically between 8% – 10%, a bud/flower sample is typically between 10% – 12%. Using regular seed, you can expect a 2% drop making whole plant material between 6% – 8%, and a bud/flower sample between 8% – 10%.

 ***Note: can vary substantially based on soil, water, climate and growing technique.

Although our genetics typically stay under 0.3% THC, it is recommended that you begin taking samples of your material in the last three weeks of flower.

**Please note our ‘generic’ seed has not been testing, and we make no claims about the CBD or THC concentrations that will be seen.


With our non-generic seed, you should expect a 50/50 male to female ratio. 

*** Some people have been able to increase the percentage of female plants by increasing the nitrogen content in the soil.

Our feminized seed is typically 99.9% female.